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We have established our reputation as a customer focused supplier by providing high quality and reliable Garage Door Openers to customers in the UK for many years now.

The Lift King LK800 Garage Door Opener gives you everything you need and more, including the very latest Safety, Security and Conveniance features.

As a result of this you can be confident in buying an Automatic Electric Garage Door Opener from Doortronic Ltd, giving you years of trouble free opening and closing.

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LiftKing Garage Door Guide
Click here to show you the range of Garage Doors that the Lift King LK800 will open with ease.
LiftKing Garage Door Guide
LiftKing Garage Door Guide
Lift King LK800 Specs
Find out the Lift King LK800 Specs
The Lift King LK800 has a very powerful 800 newton motor, and can open both Single and Double Sectional, Retractable and Up and Over garage doors up to 5 Metre's wide and 150kg in weight with ease. For Garage Door Technical advice please call our office 0116 2941920.